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Welcome to The Vintage Paint Company

We manufacture and supply specialist paint for the restoration and preservation of every kind of vintage and classic item

Our Services

We can help you manage your project from start to finish including colour matching and finding the right type of paint.

Paint Library & Research

We have developed  a vast archive of paint colours from the invention of automotive transport.

War and Peace

The Vintage Paint Company offers a complete paint service to the army, navy and air force military vehicle collector and enthusiast.

On The Water

Our superb selection of colours in high gloss, high quality coach enamels is ideal for marine-based projects.

On The Road

With an extensive range of paint finishes to suit every type of application the Vintage Paint Company can help you recreate the original finish on your classic.

If your wish is for an authentic  and original Cellulose Finish then our Classic Collection can offer you the very best.

On The Land

With a growing interest in the preservation of vintage Agricultural and Horticultural Equipment, restoration specialists have become increasingly keen to obtain the most authentic paint finishes possible.

Trains & Planes

The Vintage Paint Company’s unique research and product supply service allows a full range of rail liveries to be restored authentically and to the very highest quality.

Vintage Commercial Vehicles & Buses

Many old bus and transport companies may be long gone – but they are not forgotten.


Our service is far more than a can of paint.  – if your project demands a finish out of the ordinary  maybe for an engine or an exhaust – inside a fuel tank or a chrome finish –then ask us – we may just have what you need.

The Finishing Touch

The saying that you get as much out as you put in is never more true than when talking about paint.

Discuss Your Project With Us

Please provide us with some information about your budget including the services, paints and vehicles involved.

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