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With an extensive range of paint finishes to suit every type of application the Vintage Paint Company can help you recreate the original finish on your classic.

If your wish is for an authentic  and original Cellulose Finish then our Classic Collection can offer you the very best.

Our bespoke solutions and extensive research services mean that we can offer more than just paint – customers can benefit from a full knowledge and support service for any automotive restoration project from bike to Cadillac.

Recreate the original finish of your vehicle  with the help of The Vintage Paint Company. Through our extensive research methods and our constantly developing range of specialist products and techniques, we can accurately recreate the original colour and finish.

The Vintage Paint Company is much more than just a paint supplier. We are constantly carrying out detailed research into paint production history and continue to build up our unique colour database. Our aim is to supply a total support service that encompasses knowledge and advice as well as products.

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