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About Us

Welcome to Vintage Paint

Here at the Vintage Paint Company we manufacture and supply specialist paint for the restoration and preservation of every kind of vintage and classic items. We can call upon over 50 years experience, we understand our customers’ individual requirements. We pride ourselves on being able to create tailor made paints to suit your particular purpose.

So whether you’re restoring a classic car or a traction engine, a tank or some Victorian ironwork – we will be able to develop the colour, finish and quality of paint you need, through our knowledge-based research service and dedication to restoration and authenticity.

Our passion for paint matches your passion for restoring your pride and joy.

We know how proud you are of your special project. We understand your enthusiasm and passion for it. Because for many years we have been helping individuals and organisations to care for their dreams, to keep the past alive, to restore the originality of their prized possessions and to keep them looking as they did when they were new.

The satisfaction that you get from restoring your project to its original state, the pride you feel with the admiration it receives from others and the indescribable experience of knowing that you are retaining a part of history – in pristine condition, for all to enjoy – really is a feeling like no other. It is turning a dream into a reality – and keeping that dream alive.

That’s our purpose. From military machines to agricultural implements – from Victorian ironwork to classic cars – if it’s your dream, your passion we can help “keep it alive”.

Deal direct with the specialists

Whatever your project we share your passion. We also pride ourselves on being enthusiasts too, sharing the same dedication to perfection and finite attention to detail as our customers.

When dealing with The Vintage Paint Company you can take comfort from the fact that you will be dealing directly with a specialist – a company that takes its business seriously. Not only do we want to supply you with paint but we wish to assist in every way possible to ensure that your project is a success.

We’ve a passion for paint

We can call upon 50 years in the paint industry . We have built a large archive and colour library to recreate many lost colours for the benefit of you – our customers.

We don’t just supply paint  – we provide you with solutions and assistance whenever needed – everything from advanced rust treatment products to the most sophisticated specialised  paint finishes  to ensure that your project is a success.

We have invested in the latest colour technology to ensure that we can mix and match to your individual requirements – precisely.

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